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SR - The new Clydesdale Switching Range - 48 cal protection designed and made in the UK

SR-SRH-suit The new Noah SR suit
Clydesdale's new-to-market 48 cal arc protection range consists of a bib overall, jacket and a lift front hood.

Designed and made in the UK from a British fabric we are proud that it is all our own work.

The fabric offers 48 cal/cm(EN 61482-1-1) and Class 2 (EN61482-1-2) protection and all garments and components are fully tested and CE marked to all applicable European Standards.

The hood is the article we're most proud of offering several unique features:
-Cotton based fabric for maximum comfort and breathability
-Grey tint visor for improved colour discernment
-Stretch crown, tailored construction to improve fit
-Opening face shield to allow quick work breaks without removing hood
-Packed in a dedicated storage box for maximum protection
-Optional double work lights to improve low light working
-Optional cool paks to be installed inside hood when it is warm
-Optional visor storage bag for dedicated protection

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Arc Protection guaranteed and tested for the life of the garment

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