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Virus decontamination alcohol wipes to control the spread of COVID-19

Alcohol-wipe-products Image of Alcohol flyer

Clydesdale’s cleaning wipes are individually packaged in foil pouches that remain sealed and sterile until they are required.

These products are more relevant than ever in the current climate as all our wipe styles exceed the European Centre for Disease Control’s alcohol content guidance for successful disinfection of encapsulated viruses such as those that cause COVID-19 infections*

Offering between 85% and 99.8% alcohol saturated wipe these wipes can be used to decontaminate surfaces where their is potential for infection.

Both wipes are compatible with cleaning insulated equipment such as hot sticks as well as being used for general decontamination of company assets and equipment before and after contact. Always test a small area of any painted surfaces or plastics to check the alcohol does not damage or remove the surface treatment.

The high alcohol content of these wipes means that it is not advised to use them for hand cleaning as they contain no moisturiser to replace lost oils from the skin unless moisturising is provided from another source separately to the wipe

Each wipe is available as an individual sample, a box of 50 or a box of 144, please contact us for details and pricing.
S-1 Wipe Product Page
FO Wipe Product Page

CLICK HERE for a datasheet covering both products

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