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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Auto Reclosers CLY Auto

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The ACR series of automatic circuit reclosers are designed for use in overhead line distribution networks, secondary substations (transformer kiosks) and in distribution substations.

The switch modules are designed for all voltage classes up to 12kV and 24kV. The vacuum bottles are of AMF type to handle many high current faults as high as 31.5kA with less contact erosion.

The bushings have an epoxy core, coated with silicone for extra UV protection and mechanical stress during installation and vandalism. The ARC series are solid insulated, environmental friendly, free of sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) and oil for isolation. As it is solid insulated in the free air space, the phase element has no metal cover. This design prevents flash overs between phases, phase to earth and tank explosions in a failure situation.

The switch module frame is manufactured out of 5mm 2333 type of stainless steel for best mechanical stability and to be corrosion proof. All metal parts are carefully selected to avoid electro chemical corrosion as well as for a long problem free operation.

It’s of the latest Swedish design and uses latest generation components to ensure a low operating maintenance cost.



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