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Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

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Glove Bags CLY 420 GB

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As recommended within both the EN and ASTM standards, good storage of Insulating Gloves is essential to ensure that their insulating properties are maintained. Folds and creases strain rubber and cause cracking from ozone. Clydesdale Glove Bags are made from heavy duty canvas, double stitched and riveted at stress points and feature a D ring for hanging in workplaces or on work harnesses.

NEW Glove and Protector Bags feature two layered pockets in one bag, allowing insulating gloves and protectors to be stored together.

Bags for sleeve storage and protection are also availble. The CLY 420 T-32 has a crush resistant lining to create a more protective environment for the sleeves inside.

Part No. Glove Length Bag Dimensions Bag Weight
Canvas Glove Bags
CLY 420 GB-112 11" (280mm) 229 x 356mm 0.4kg
CLY 420 GB-114 14" (355mm) 229 x 406mm 0.5kg
CLY 420 GB-116 16" (405mm) 229 x 457mm 0.6kg
CLY 420 GB-118 18" (445mm) 229 x 508mm 0.7kg
Canvas Glove & Protector Bags
CLY 420 GB-114P 14" (335mm) 229 x 406mm 0.5kg
CLY 420 GB-116P 16" (405mm) 229 x 457mm 0.6kg
CLY 420 GB-118P 18" (445mm) 229 x 508mm 0.7kg

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