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Archive Conductor Specifications

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pdf CLY 551 Class1 Cement Dipped Insulated Glove - Data Sheet (940 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 294 KB)
pdf Common UK conductor specifications (8301 downloads) Popular Download (pdf, 549 KB)
ToolCLY 370... Cable Diameter Range Outer Sheath Stripping Peelable Semi-conductor Stripping Bonded Semi-conductor Stripping Insulation Stripping
OS01 5-17mm      
OS11 8-22mm      
OS24 & OS27 10-30mm      
BSC 1440** 14-40mm      
IS 1440 14-40mm      
IS 1440AS 14-40mm      
PS 1440** 14-40mm      
BSC 14425 14-44mm      
OS23 15-35mm      
M22 1640 16-44mm    
M23 1640 16-40mm    
M31 1640 16-40mm  
M32 1640  16-40mm  
M41 1640 16-40mm
M23 1658 16-58mm    
M31 1658 16-58mm  
M32 1658 16-58mm  
M41 1658 16-58mm
OS21 21-35mm      
OS31 26-52mm      
OS32 26-52mm      
OS33 26-52mm      
OS36 26-52mm      
OS45 35-75mm      
BSC 3860** 38-60mm      
IS 3860 36-60mm      
IS 3860AS 38-60mm      
PS 3860P1 38-60mm      
BS 3860 38-60mm      
M21 4080* 40-80mm    
OS41 47-75mm      
OS46 47-75mm      
OS51 55-95mm      
IS 6080 60-80mm      
BS 6080 60-80mm        
PS 608030 60-80mm      
M21 60110 60-110mm    
IS 80110 80-110mm      
BS 80110 80-110mm      
OS61 80-130mm      
IS 100140 100-140mm      
BS 110140 100-140mm      
M21 100160 100-160    

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