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ToolCLY 370... Cable Diameter Range Outer Sheath Stripping Peelable Semi-conductor Stripping Bonded Semi-conductor Stripping Insulation Stripping
OS01 5-17mm      
OS11 8-22mm      
OS24 & OS27 10-30mm      
BSC 1440** 14-40mm      
IS 1440 14-40mm      
IS 1440AS 14-40mm      
PS 1440** 14-40mm      
BSC 14425 14-44mm      
OS23 15-35mm      
M22 1640 16-44mm    
M23 1640 16-40mm    
M31 1640 16-40mm  
M32 1640  16-40mm  
M41 1640 16-40mm
M23 1658 16-58mm    
M31 1658 16-58mm  
M32 1658 16-58mm  
M41 1658 16-58mm
OS21 21-35mm      
OS31 26-52mm      
OS32 26-52mm      
OS33 26-52mm      
OS36 26-52mm      
OS45 35-75mm      
BSC 3860** 38-60mm      
IS 3860 36-60mm      
IS 3860AS 38-60mm      
PS 3860P1 38-60mm      
BS 3860 38-60mm      
M21 4080* 40-80mm    
OS41 47-75mm      
OS46 47-75mm      
OS51 55-95mm      
IS 6080 60-80mm      
BS 6080 60-80mm        
PS 608030 60-80mm      
M21 60110 60-110mm    
IS 80110 80-110mm      
BS 80110 80-110mm      
OS61 80-130mm      
IS 100140 100-140mm      
BS 110140 100-140mm      
M21 100160 100-160    

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